10 Frightening Tales Of Babysitting Gone Wrong

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Good help is hard to find. Good babysitters are even harder to find. Once you find a competent, reliable babysitter that charges an affordable rate, hang on tight and don’t let her (or him) go! You’ve been warned.

Many parents are reluctant to even hire a babysitter, and with good reason. We hear so many horror stories about secretly abusive nannies and negligent sitters that endanger the lives of kids.

I don’t know if this post will make you feel any better about the big, bad world because there are terrible sitters out there. But if you already have a good sitter in your rotation, you’re going to want to give her a raise after reading this.

Bad babysitters come in all shapes and sizes. Here are 10 frightening tales of babysitting gone wrong:

1. The Grumpy Babysitter


I would never hire a surly babysitter with a bad attitude. #sorrynotsorry

2. The Flaky Babysitter


Unreliable sitters always get a black mark in my book. Unfortunately, in this story, the flaky babysitter in question is the woman’s sister.

3. The Slacker Babysitter


Sleeping on the job? Um, NOPE.

4. The Horny Babysitter


This frisky babysitter did what most young sitters are tempted to do—but, COME ON. Get lucky on your own time.

5. The Secretive Babysitter


I heard you were supposed to wait until after the third trimester to tell your boss that you’re pregnant, but this is taking it a little far.

6. The “Bad” Babysitter


This bad, bad babysitter thinks she deserves punishment. This whole interaction is so creepy I don’t even know where to begin.

7. The Babysitter Thief


Babysitters are often accused of stealing or “misplacing” things since they work in a home all day long. Sucks when a dishonest sitter and her boyfriend ruin it for the rest of the good babysitters out there.

8. The Spanking Babysitter


This whole story makes my skin crawl. If a babysitter ever tried that with my kids, I’d be beyond livid.

9. The Authoritarian Babysitter


This is another truly disturbing story of a sitter that treated the kids like prisoners as soon as the parents were out the door.

10. The Dead Babysitter


I echo this parent’s sentiments completely. THANK GOD their elderly babysitter didn’t die on the job. I can’t even…

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