Baby’s Cry Miraculously Wakes Mother From Coma

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crying-babyA newborn’s cry is a very difficult thing to sleep through, and that turned out to be a miraculously good thing for one family when the sound of a baby’s cry actually woke her mother up from a coma.

According to WCNC, 23-year-old Shelly Cawley fell into a coma after complications during the birth of her daughter, Rylan, by emergency C-section. Cawley had to be put under anesthesia, and a blood clot broke loose during surgery and traveled to her brain.

Cawley did not wake up after surgery, and doctors were not optimistic.

“She had a lot of fluid in her lungs, there were having trouble getting oxygen to her brain, they were having trouble with her blood pressure up.” said Cawley’s husband, Jeremy. “And it just seemed as if she was done fighting.”

Cawley had been in a coma for a week when nurses at the hospital decided to try just putting the baby on her.

“We knew skin to skin contact is very beneficial to an infant, so we thought why not try it for a mom,” said nurse Ashley Manus.

Rylan was doing just great, so Jeremy placed her on her mother for some skin-to-skin contact. Rylan was reportedly very happy with that, and just cuddled up and went right to sleep. They wanted her to make some noise, though, so they had to poke and tickle her until she woke up enough to start crying. Once she started crying, Shelly woke up and started getting better.

“I think it’s pretty amazing. It just amazes me that a baby so little and have such a big impact,” Shelly Cawley said. “They’re pretty much helpless. They can’t do anything, but yet she was able to… Her crying was able to give me something to fight for.”

It’s a very sweet and remarkable story, and one imagines Rylan bringing this up all the time when she is a teenager.

“Well, I saved your life so you pretty much have to let me stay out past 10.” “Well, I saved your life, so you pretty much have to let me sleep over at Jenny’s house even though her parents won’t be there.”

At least, that’s what I’d do. I pulled that sort of thing all the time just for getting good grades on tests, and saving your mother’s life is a way bigger deal than getting an A on an economics test.

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