You Will Never Believe These Real-Life Baby Escape Artists

shutterstock_149786204I have something very important to tell you. Never underestimate the stealth of your baby. This is probably my most classic problem as a parent. I get used to whatever stage my baby is in, which may last a few weeks, and then I leave him in some precarious situation where he inevitably gets hurt.

Example: I left my first son sitting on the couch as a blob baby, where he magically learned to roll over in minutes and flipped off the couch. (He was fine.) When our backs were turned, my first son mastered slithering out the dog door at about 10 months old. We finally caught on to him and got the whole adorable thing on video.

Fast-forward a few years later, and my older son pushed my baby son out of the dog door because he hates him. I’m glad we were somewhat paying attention because that could have been dangerous. We figured out what was going on when we heard my toddler say, “Bye-bye” and we saw him push my baby son’s tiny foot the rest of the way out the dog door. What a jerk.

Now my younger son regularly escapes through the dog door himself. If I walk into the kitchen for just a minute, he’s already up the first flight of stairs. Also, he fell down a full flight of stairs yesterday as he was “exploring” his freedom. Thankfully, they were carpeted, and he is again perfectly fine.

Moral of the story: Babies be crazy. I know my babies aren’t the only sneaky ones. These six stealthy baby escape artists will make your heart stop:

1. Baby Escape Leads To Epic Action Movie Fall Down The Stairs.

baby12. Baby Escapes To Become Baby Thief.

baby23. Creepiest Baby Escape Artist Ever.

baby34. Baby Escapes Crib With Painful Face Plant.


5. Baby Escapes And Blames Negligent Mother.

baby56. Baby Escapes Daycare And Heads Home For The Day.


(Image: Alexey Losevich/Shutterstock)

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