These Are All The Cutest Baby Bibs You Can Get On Etsy

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Just knit it

Image: Etsy/KnitByCarrie

Carrie’s a talented knitter who does everything from mittens to socks, to “mini monster” key chains. Her prices are great, and her bibs and other items come in an array of colors. This is especially impressive since a pair of socks can take up to 20 hours for an average person to knit. At the end of 2018, one reviewer said, “Just buy a bunch of these. Everyone loved them for the holidays. For gifts, party favors, teacher appreciation, for anytime you want to give a smile. Cute beyond measure!!” For $5.00, you could grab a handful of these and have one to match nearly all of your baby’s outfits.

Get it from KnitByCarrie for $5.

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