‘Obama Is Rewarding Lazy Pigs With Food Stamps’ Says Racist Schools Chief Who Refuses To Resign

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arizonaThe Republican public schools chief in Arizona has announced that he will not resign amid controversy over some really racist, horrific comments he made anonymously on a blog. He said, among other things, that the Spanish language should be outlawed in the United States. Twenty percent of the population of his state speaks Spanish, so he’s obviously the right choice for leadership there. This is so disgusting.

John Huppenthal broke down crying at the conference yesterday where he announced his non-resignation. Yes, getting caught is upsetting, I guess. I’m not quite sure what else he’s crying about, because he clearly doesn’t regret his comments. Here are a few of them, as reported by Gawker:

Obama is rewarding the lazy pigs with food stamps (44 million people), air-conditioning, free health care, flat-screen TV’s (typical of “poor” families).

Hitler worked to eliminate the Jews. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood was given the job of eliminating African Americans. Hitler fed 6 million Jews into the ovens. Sanger has fed 16 million African Americans into the abortion mills.

No spanish radio stations, no spanish billboards, no spanish tv, no spanish newspapers. This is America, speak English.

He’s admitted to the blog posts and doesn’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with them. He said in a statement:

“I believe in rigorous public discourse, in furthering ideas and reforming ideologies that don’t always work.”

“Anonymity has its value as our founding fathers believed when they developed the Federalist Papers,” he added. “It is not a new concept, our history reflects that.”

Attorney Bob Lord – one of the writers for Blog for Arizona, where several of these comments appeared – said that he had long been convinced the comments were from Huppenthal and had even traced the IP address to a computer inside the Dept. Of Education building.

“He’s posting, as far as I can tell, on every conservative or liberal blog out there in Arizona,” Lord said. “If you go to the conservative sites, they’ll say like, ‘Oh, it’s just Huppenthal doing this again.’ It’s sort of common knowledge with them.”

This is disturbing on so many levels; not only that he has these totally racist views, but that he tries to frame his expression of them as patriotic. Good God. Somebody fire this man.

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