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32 Apps On Your Kids’ Phones You Need To Be Aware Of

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Apps On Kids Phones Parents Need To Know Kurbo

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Kurbo sounds like some addictive game, but it is actually a “health coaching” app. It is produced by WW (formerly Weight Watchers) and it is geared at kids and teens, particularly those aged 8 to 17, to help them pick what to eat. The app tracks kids’ progress, has coaches, and it uses a light system to tell them what is the healthiest option. (Green is good, red is bad.) Some concerns have been raised about the app. Critics and parents are concerned that it spreads “thinspo” and is more concerned about weight loss rather than wellness. Healthline reported that it’s problematic because it is teaching kids at a young age that they “need” an app to eat healthily and mindfully as opposed to listening to their bodies. FYI: Coaching on the app costs money — $69 per month.

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