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‘Pre-Born Babies’ Win Major Award , Pre-Conceived Babies Overlooked Yet Again During Pro-Life’s Award Season

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What bugs me most about the entire pro-life mindset is that their entire hive-mind notion is that women LOVE getting abortions. That any woman who has an abortion is just like “Hell yeah, I am going to go get me an abortion today and it’s going to be the best day ever!” I’m gonna say this once, and I ain’t gonna say it again. Women don’t get abortions for fun. It just doesn’t happen. I have yet to meet, read about, or hear about this one time at summer camp where women got abortions for fun. Even the most pro-choice woman who is a gazillion percent okay with her decision to terminate her pregnancy would not call getting an abortion a good time. At the cleanest and nicest and most comfortable and wonderful clinics staffed with caring and amazing staff, there is no woman who enjoys getting an abortion. I think abortions should be safe, legal and rare. Embryo, preborn baby, whatever you call it.

For all you pre-born babies out there, congratulations on your award! For all of you pre-conceived babies, who are just a wistful thought in your parent’s hearts, who are just a twinkle in the sky, who are maybe just a drunk conversation about what a couple may be doing in five years, better luck next year, suckers!  The views of this article are just my opinion, and do not reflect the opinions of mothers, women, and pre-born babies the world ever. Because what do I know anyway? I’m just a pre-dead person.

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