Mommies In Crime Kristin Davis And Sarah Jessica Parker Do ‘Mom-Only Time’ Right

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin DavisMothers Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker really know how to let their hair down. The Sex and the City buddies have four kids between them and their mommy-only time looks a hell of a lot more fun than turning on NickMom. I guess sometimes you just have to turn to hubby Matthew Broderick and say, “honey! I’m going to a gay bar!”

Kristin and Sarah Jessica were seen hand in hand like the BFFs we all imagine them to be leaving the amfAR Gala in Los Angeles. From there, the besties headed just south of the Sunset strip to the Soho House and then theĀ  Chateau Marmont. They then concluded their night at The Abbey, a gay bar in West Hollywood. Daily Mail reports this type of scene, perhaps truly befit for a Sex and the City episode. Can’t you just see Carrie with her big flower staring glumly at her shoes?

In The Abbey, drinks are downed and shots are a favourite. There is little to no sipping.

There’s no table service on busy nights and the place is thronged with people dancing wildly; crushed together being generally rambunctious.

No table top dancing to speak of or wet t-shirt contests or shots off the bartender’s tummy, but nevertheless, these ladies know how to get away right. Granted, a celebrity status and endless wealth for childcare will do that for you. But I guess that’s the only thing standing between your average 47-year-old mother and two for one shots in West Hollywood: a good babysitter. And maybe Manolo Blahniks.

(photo: Lia Toby/WENN)

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