Leave It To Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie To Honeymoon Before Their Wedding Day

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 It’s pretty easy to knock Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for going about their commitment and relationship in a way that evades conventions. The two promised forever and always together long before their recent engagement. But if multiple kids are coming before marriage, that gives Angelina’s big engagement ring a bit of that push present vibe according to contemporary standards.

The biggest tabloid scoop of the decade has barely begun, as it won’t be long until we’re bombarded with images of Angie’s dress and what all the kids will be wearing come that big day. The gossip rags will have to keep an eye on this couple though as with the traditional rule book out the window, the two are celebrating their union anyway they like — such a post-engagement pre-wedding exotic honeymoon.

Perhaps the term “honeymoon” doesn’t quite apply given that the six kids are tagging along. But the Hollywood golden couple jetted to Ecuador with their bouncing brood, and then hopped on a luxury yacht to a villa in the Galápagos Islands. People is all over some snapped photos of the glamorous family descending from their private jet, walking along the landing strip on stop one of their engagement trip.

But there was one convention that Angelina reportedly did not bypass in this engagement: she cried during Brad’s proposal. And for even these two untraditional parents, that’s a convention perhaps worth keeping.

(photo: WENN/Adriana M. Ba)