Barefoot Wine Spritzers in a Can Are a Thing and I’m Basically a Booze Writer Now

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I realize that I write about booze … a lot. It occurred to me this morning, as I sat down to write about it yet again. And I would apologize, dear readers, but I feel like I’m just giving you guys what you want. I mean, how horrible of a person would I be if I didn’t spread the good word? I don’t need that kind of karma. So fresh off of the Mule 2.0 that I told you about yesterday (and may have already bought DON’T JUDGE ME), I present to you today’s episode of How to Make Drinking Easier: Barefoot Wine Spritzers in a can! Summer is going to be LIT.

Barefoot Wine Spritzers in a can are adorable little cans of sparkling wine. I’ve been digging the Simpler Wines ones from Trader Joe’s, but there are only three flavors. The ones from Barefoot have so much variety!

These are literally perfect for so many occasions. Backyard BBQ’s, soccer games, girl’s night, whatever. The little cans are 8.4 fluid ounces of delicious sparkling wine. And they come in several flavors! Red Sangria, Crisp White, Rose, Summer Red, and Moscato.

Now, just a warning: adorable as these little cans may be, they are deceptively powerful. Each can boasts an ABV of 9%. And I’m sure they taste amazing. So before you know it, you’re 4 cans in and your Stud Muffin pool floaty has to save your buzzed ass from drowning in the pool.

A 4-pack of the cans retails for just $8. So clearly, Barefoot Wines is trying to take your casual drinking to the next level. For the more advanced drinker, the spritzers also come in bottles.

barefoot wine spritzers

Image: Barefoot Wine

So grab a 4-pack (or four, whatever) for your next summer gathering, and let Barefoot Wine Spritzers make it easy! No dishes, no corks, just wine. And no this isn’t sponsored but I should really look into that because free booze is very tempting.

(Image: Instagram/@barefootwine)