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RIP Marriage: According To FOX News, You Died In 2013

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117371668Marriage is over. It is, officially, judicially, a joke.

So says Dr. Keith AblowFox News personality. Good thing nobody knows who he is or cares what he thinks. Those who do know who he is and care what he thinks, or would go as far as to support the ridiculous things that are spewing forth from his mouth-hole – have got to be pretty stupid. Oh, and bigoted. And homophobic. And stupid – did I say that already?

Here’s some of his rant from Fox News:

More than a year ago, when states began to legalize gay marriage, I argued that polygamy would be the natural result.  If love between humans of legal age is the only condition required to have the state issue a marriage license, then it is irrational to assert that two men or two women can have such feelings for one another, while three women and a man, or two men and a woman, cannot.

A Judge in Utah has found part of Utah’s anti-bigamy law unconstitutional - and according to Aplow, it’s because of the gays! Because that makes sense. He told us all this would happen. Once the gays get married, groups of people are going to start marrying each other and all hell is going to break loose. The Utah ruling is actually about privacy, not polygamy, which even super-conservative Justice Scalia recognizes. But why focus on the details when you can use the case to support your wildly outrageous claims:

It will also, eventually, lead to test cases in which a few unusual sisters and brothers insist that they can marry, because they are in love and promise not to procreate, but, instead, to use donor eggs or sperm.

No it won’t. People aren’t going to start marrying their dogs either – as is the direction I’m sure your argument is going to turn, eventually.

Given this dissolution of support for society’s vested interest in providing children with a mother and father they can point to with certainty, in households where both genders are equally represented, it is very clear that government should get out of issuing marriage licenses, entirely.

Ablow’s whole, “if anyone can get married it loses its sanctity” argument is tired. Guess what? If two men or two women raise a child, that child has parents to “point to with certainty.” And since when do conservatives like Ablow care about both genders being “equally represented” in a household? That is laughable.

Sorry – marriage didn’t die in 2013. It’s more alive than it’s ever been.

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