Amanda Bynes Is Undergoing A Mental Evaluation And I Just Want To Give Her A Maternal Hug

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amanda bynes blue wigAt the risk of her reading this is totally calling me FUG, I gotta say, Amanda Bynes is having a seriously bad year. First there was her odd request of singer Drake to “murder her vagina”, then she shaved her head, and THEN she allegedly dropped a bong from her window. As if that isn’t enough, now Amanda Bynes is being put on an involuntary 72 hour hold in California.

Reportedly our old pal Mandy (we share the same birthday so we can totally be on nickname terms) was forced to undergo a 5150 evaluation yesterday (which is for mental health) after doing what she does best and causing a ruckus outside of the posh Thousand Oaks neighborhood in California, where she grew up.

Ventura county deputies reportedly believe that Bynes may have been involved with a small fire that was started on a resident’s driveway. She was also reportedly accused of trespassing at a nearby retirement community, where she was asked to leave after appearing drunk and disorderly.

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At the risk of being all “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE” about this,  I just can’t help but feel bad for Amanda. I think the pressures of being a child star, coupled with an un-diagnosed mental illness are wreaking havoc on her, and I hope she gets the help she needs.


As a mother, all I want to do (like I do with my own kids when they’re having a bad day) is make her some chicken soup. Then I would make her take a damn nap. At the very least I think she deserves a hug. It’s okay Mandy, I’m here for you!

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