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Amal Clooney Is Pregnant With Twins

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There must be something in the water in Hollywood, because Beyonce is not the only queen currently gestating twins. Renowned human rights lawyer Amal Clooney is also pregnant, and she is also expecting two babies.

Is 2017 the year of celebrity twins? Maybe the universe is trying to correct itself after taking so many wonderful celebrities in 2016, and it’s decided to do that by filling the remaining wonderful celebrities with as many babies as possible. (Has anyone checked in on Amy Adams?)

Clooney speaks English, French, and Arabic, and she was born in Lebanon and raised in Britain, where she went to Oxford before moving to the U.S. to get a law degree at NYU. She’s a specialist in international law and human rights, and she’s particularly known for her defense of people being victimized by oppressive governments, including imprisoned journalists. Clooney has been an adviser to the King of Bahrain and she has clerked for judge Sonya Sotomayor, before Sotomayor became a Justice on the Supreme Court.  She’s a U.N. expert on the humanitarian crisis in Syria, and was part of the U.N.’s investigation on the use of drones in warfare and in counter-terrorism efforts. She is also president of the Clooney Foundation for Justice, which is a nonprofit that works to advance the cause of justice for people targeted by oppressive governments, including victims of war, children, and refugees. 

According to the BBC, news of Clooney’s pregnancy was announced on CBS’ The Talk with Julie Chen, which seems to have been a huge relief to poor Matt Damon, who’s been trying so hard not to break the news since he learned about the pregnancy way back when it first happened.

Clooney’s husband, American actor George Clooney, told Matt Damon about the pregnancy while they were working together, and Damon says he was so excited he almost cried. Then he had to spend the next few months pretending he didn’t know Clooney was pregnant. I think that might be the toughest part about being a celebrity. I cannot keep a secret to save my life. I have no poker face. If you told me Meryl Streep was three months along with triplets and swore me to secrecy,  I would try my best, but I would be walking around with a face like this:

But now the news is out and Matt Damon can relax, at least until the babies are born, because he’s so excited, he’s clearly going to be the first person in line to try to cuddle those babies as soon as the’y’re born.