Missing Girl, 13, Living With 42-Year-Old Man She Met Online

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Alexandra "Allie" LoftisThirteen-year-old Alexandra “Allie” Loftis went missing from her hometown of Wayland, MA in early November. Her devastated parents have been combing their town as well as the New York City area looking for their daughter. They left her endless voice messages, posts on her Facebook wall, and handed out fliers. The couple even recruited volunteers and created T-shirts in the hopes of getting her back. But it turns out that the teenager was in New Jersey all along with a 42-year-old man she met on the internet.

The actual details of Allie’s disappearance are still unclear, but the 13-year-old was located at the New Jersey residence of Jorge Garzon. He has since been arrested and police are still investigating what may have gone on between the two. What is known is that Allie traveled via bus from the South Boston Station to New York City in search of a less “boring” life. [tagbox tag=”teenager”]

Allie’s father observed his daughter’s distaste for their home and that she was unhappy at school shortly before she disappeared:

“I live in semi-rural community where it’s peaceful and quiet, and she wanted big city, bright lights,” Mr Loftis said. “She wanted to go to school in a different area. As she said, where we live is boring.”

After Allie went missing, her parents noted that their usually very connected and tech-savvy daughter went utterly silent on Facebook, which understandably frightened them. While they did believe that their daughter had run away on her own, the possibility of her meeting someone online had also occurred to them.

No word yet on Allie’s condition, but I imagine her internet privileges will be revoked for awhile.