I’m So Happy We Haven’t Been ‘Boo Bag’-ged Yet

shutterstock_115967263__1382609306_74.134.205.46Are y’all out there boo bagging? Yes, I just turned the tradition of leaving adorable Halloween bags filled with treats on someone’s doorstep into a verb, sue me. It’s not that I don’t like the idea of leaving adorable Halloween bags filled with treats on someone’s doorstep, it’s just that I’ve had no time to prepare any bags for my kids to boo with. I’m a failure as a Halloween mom this year!

There have been years where I think we have been Boo’d by Santy Claus or at least Jack Skellington, due to the amount of items in the bag, including rubber snakes, plastic spiders, glow-sticks, more fake vampire teeth than were used in the Twilight series, a truckload of candy, and socks and a “pumpkin spice” scented candle for me all done up in some Martha Stewart-esque fancy presentation bag, with the prerequisite “We’ve been boo’d!” flyer enclosed. It was a bit difficult matching that level of Boo Bag dedication.

And in my previous neighborhood, I think a family allowed their very young children to Boo the ‘hood on their own, because we received a cast-off Hot Wheels car, a few broken crayons, a juice box and an envelope that read “Boo” on it. It was certainly cute despite being confusing.

I feel sort of guilty because I haven’t done it yet this year, we live in a neighborhood with a lot of elderly people and I’m sure they welcome getting random treats from strangers, so I may yet find my Boo-motivation and whip some bags up this weekend. If I do actually do this, or if you are still working up your boo-ness, here are some Moms who are totally killin’ it with their Boo bag skillz. I may use some of these fabulous ideas, or I may end up using these fabulous ideas just by reading their blogs and getting drunk and watching a Friday The 13 marathon instead.

Just Us Four 


Just Us Four has adorable printables and recipes you can use to Boo your neighbors. I want to live next to Shannah because she makes things like Oreo Cookie bark to include in her family’s boo bags.

Zakka Life 

ghost pic 1

These are so cute from Zakka Life.

Dee Dee Campbell 

IMG_9316Dee Dee Campbell made these darling bags, and I think if one of these showed up on my doorstep I would grab it before my kids could.

Sister’s Suitcase 


Sister’s Suitcase has this cute idea for Boo-ing all your adult friends using foot lotion.

Oh Happy Day 


Oh Happy Day has this adorable tutorial for making not-so-scary treat bag toppers to boo your neighbors with.

Boo-ze Bag 


And this one is obviously just made for someone to leave on MY doorstep.

(Image: jumpingsack/shutterstock)

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