7 Ways Obama’s Affordable Care Act Will Enormously Impact Your Family

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#Obamacare may not have everyone dancing on their rooftops today. But in light of the Affordable Care Act being upheld by the Supreme Court, you very well should be if you have babies –or plan to in the near future. Granted, if you and your brood are lucky enough to not have to worry about little things like pregnancy being a pre-existing condition, your kids being turned away for their troubles, or how to pay for your birth control, today’s historic ruling may have little bearing on you. But for many other families, the Supreme Court’s decision to continue health care reform is going to make a world of difference to many American parents.

Among the 50 million uninsured Americans now getting access to healthcare, 19 million are reportedly women –10.3 million of which are low-income women. And with quite a few laws acknowledging the needs of parents and kids, Forbes put it best when writing, “women in particular should pop the champagne and celebrate.”


(photo: tankist276/ Shutterstock)

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