Pregnant Mom Says Her Body Shut Down Because She Didn’t Take it Easy

Being pregnant is hard work. Being pregnant when you have children at home is even harder. Everyone says to take it easy when you’re pregnant, but that’s not always possible! One pregnant mom is sharing her harrowing story to show that while it might not be easy to slow down a bit, it’s incredibly important.

Pregnant mom blogger Steph Pase wrote about her scary experience. Her body literally shut down while she was pregnant and caring for her toddler.

Steph says that her daily routine of caring for daughter, Harper, managing her household and running a building business with her husband, took a very dangerous toll on her pregnant body.

In a blog post titled, “Putting Myself Last Ended Me Up in the Hospital,” Steph describes how doing too much was too much.

Says Steph, “It started when I woke up one morning and my entire body felt like it did a hectic workout ..which I haven’t.”

She describes having sore, tight, stiff muscles, with no known cause. People thought she may have the flu, but she says the pain she felt wasn’t a flu ache, but something different. And it got worse every day.

Steph went to her doctor, and passed out in the office. She went to the hospital next, where they monitored the baby and ran some tests. But the pain and exhaustion continued to get worse.

By this point, says Steph, she was having trouble doing even the simplest of tasks, like walking or opening bottles. She tried hot showers, over-the-counter pain meds, and rest, but continued to deteriorate. It got so bad that she “physically couldn’t reach (her) arm out, walk, sit, roll in bed ..ANYTHING”. Her husband Ryan took her back to the hospital, and she was admitted.

It was during her stay that doctors mentioned the body doing strange things when pregnant and stressed. Steph believes her body shut down to protect the baby from the stress she was under, and force her to slow down.

Her terrifying ordeal opened her eyes to how important it is to take it easy when you’re pregnant. And she’s sharing her story in hopes that it can help other pregnant moms out there.

“Mothers take on so many roles and have such huge responsibilities but we need to remember that if you don’t look after YOU then you are not good to anyone else.”

“You can pour from an empty cup.”

So true, Steph. We wish you the best on your recovery, and hope you’re feeling stronger everyday!

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