Hot New Food Trend Could Get You Knocked Up, So Eat Carefully

Everyone loves a weird food trend, right? Fusion foods, deep fried whatever, unicorn everything: it seems like every few months, a new food trend hits the streets, and suddenly it’s the next “It” thing to eat. One of the more recent food trends filling up our Instagram feeds is black food. And no, we don’t mean a VERY well done steak. Food made with activated charcoal is all the rage now, because deep down we are dark and brooding creatures. The charcoal turns whatever food it’s used in completely black, which makes for a great ‘gram. But, as it turns out, it can also seriously mess with certain medications you might be taking, like birth control. Still hungry?

Activated charcoal food trend can cause unplanned pregnancy

According to a recent article by Eater, activated charcoal can make your birth control pills (and other meds) less effective. Activated charcoal is highly absorbent, and sucks up everything in it’s path. Because of it’s absorbency, it’s given in hospitals to counteract an overdose. But it can also absorb other drugs in your system, even ones you don’t want to not be in your system. Like, for instance, the ones that keep you not pregnant.

“How did you get pregnant?” “You know, I’m not sure! We went out for these really cool black ice cream cones, and then BAM!” list this potential counteraction warning on over 200 drugs, including ibuprofen and albuterol. Because of this, according to Eater, companies that sell activated charcoal as a supplement advise “waiting at least two hours between taking activated charcoal and other prescription drugs.” But for people taking hormonal contraceptives, it’s even more concerning.

Consuming activated charcoal within even just a couple of hours of taking your BC can reduce it’s efficiency.

If you feel like this is one food trend you can’t pass up, just eat smart. The amount of activated charcoal that ends up in the ice cream or lattes or waffles you’re eating is relatively miniscule. But, keep in mind, everybody’s body processes things differently, so it’s hard to say whether you’re putting yourself at risk for a drug counteraction when you consume activated charcoal. To be safe, it’s recommended that you wait at least a few hours after taking your birth control or other meds to scarf down that black pizza. We love pizza just as much as the next gal, but not enough to be ok with a surprise pregnancy after eating it.

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