I’m Learning To Accept That My 9-Year-Old Flat Out Hates School

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girl writing on chalk boardThere are certain aspects about your own children that I’m sure sometimes surprise you. For example, perhaps your child has a completely different personality then you. Luckily, both my children, like me, are super laid back. But when it comes to my 9-year-old daughter, there is one thing I’m constantly surprised about. She just does not like school.

When I was a child, I loved school. I loved high school. I loved university. I loved writing essays and taking tests. I even loved studying. My daughter however does not like anything about school. She doesn’t like homework. She doesn’t even seem to like learning in a classroom setting. She would rather read books on her own. Ask her any fact about any animal and she will be able to tell you. In short, she does not like school!

She loves her teacher and her friends and for someone who doesn’t like doing homework or studying, she gets away pretty much with grades that are better than average, even acing tests.

Now that summer is almost upon us, I say to her each and every morning, “You only have six more weeks to go!” because she is constantly moaning about hating school. It’s pretty much the only thing that will get her out of bed.

When I take my daughter out of school to get a shot at the doctors or to go to the dentist, she gets so excited. It’s almost as if I have told her that I am taking her to Disneyland. The girl would rather get a fucking shot than go to class.

Because I knew I was going to write this post, I asked her point blank how she feels every day when she has to go to school.

“I feel terrible,” she answered.

It’s not that she doesn’t have friends. She has a lot of them. And, like I said, she loves her teacher. She just doesn’t like school.

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