Courtney Stodden’s ‘Pre-Famous’ Photos Reveal She Has Been Sexualized From A Young Age

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Courtney Stodden before plastic surgeryCourtney Stodden before plastic surgery

[tagbox tag=”Courtney Stodden”]Seventeen-year-old Courtney Stodden wasn’t always frolicking in pumpkin patches or being interviewed by Dr. Drew. The hopeful performer used to be a fresh-faced girl with a modeling portfolio. Quite a few photos of Courtney have turned up courtesy of her mother and manager Krista Stodden, and it looks like posing for cameras in short skirts with pouty expressions is something she has been doing for awhile now.

Courtney’s mother told Celebuzz that the photos were taken about four years ago:

She was between 12 or 13 years old when they were taken, and they shot by a modeling agency. You take her makeup off now, and she looks exactly like that. That’s her with no makeup on.

Judging by the photos, the then-tween has been sexualized for some years now, made to pose in suggestive outfits and be aware of an almost artificial sexuality that includes school girl outfits, knee socks, and heels.

Propped up against walls and encouraged to bend over for the lenses, Courtney looks more like a sexualized characture of a 12-year-old girl than a child. But that’s what we seem to be moving towards as an increasing amount of media attempts to tells girls at younger and younger ages that all that matters is sex appeal. Everything from reality TV to advertisements gives girls the same consistant messages that being sexy, being desirable to men, and maintaining a conventional beauty should be their sole ambition.

Courtney’s parents clearly haven’t done her any favors in filtering that message and seem to have offered her up to the camera without much parenting at all.

Courtney Stodden before plastic surgeryCourtney Stodden before plastic surgery

(photo: celebuzz)