6 Ways A Man With A Cold Is Just A Toddler

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4. They whine.

I know that he doesn’t feel well, really, I do. But saying it aloud over and over won’t make you feel better, unless you are secretly a wizard casting a spell. In the interest of marital bliss I bite my tongue, but just like I say to my toddlers when they plead for cookies- your situation isn’t going to change no matter how many times you say it.

5. They don’t listen to you.

Drink some water, let me make you a snack, here’s a tissue, please take some medicine- no matter the request, all reasonable statements you make sound like the worst idea ever to him. I expect my kids to fight me on things, but only a mancold can make a guy with a college degree lose all common sense.

6. They steal all the blankets.

I have few indulgences in my day to day life, but a soft fleecy blanket for sitting on the couch is one of them. Unless your toddlers want to build a fort or your husband needs every single throw in the house on him at once. Lucky for me, wearing all those layers and yesterday’s beard he kind of resembles sexy John Snow, but my feet are freezing.

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