Taylor Swift Has A Foolproof Way To Get Babies To Stop Crying

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taylor-swift-godmotherIf you had any question that Taylor Swift was a magical unicorn who took human flesh to make your personal life better, allow me to convince you with this wonderful video that proves Taylor Swift has magical powers. And not just any magic powers, either, the most useful magic power of all: The power to make babies stop crying.


This video reveals that one tiny, distraught baby girl named Rosie does not want to live silently in a world without Taylor Swift music. In the video her parents posted under the title, “Taylor Swift Fixes Everything,” the six-month-old bawls inconsolably at the beginning. But the moment the first notes of “Blank Space” start to play, she stops crying, then smiles. When the song stops again, she is as full of rage as only a newborn baby can be. Once the song is restored, she is once again gleeful and bouncy. It is just further proof that Taylor Swift is a beneficent angel sent to save us all from the sounds of crying babies.

Taylor Swift, of course, was thrilled with the proof of her powers.

“THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN,” she gushed on Twitter, sharing a video of the now-famous baby.

In my completely anecdotal experience, this experiment totally works. I have a six-month-old baby, and she can also be calmed quickly by the sounds of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.” If you are pregnant, just start learning the words now. You’ll be glad of it in a few months.

Photo: Instagram/TaylorSwift