18 Characters From The ’90s We’d Like To See As Parents

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Lola Bunny

Image: Instagram/ @zone198

“We got a real jam going down…welcome to the Space Jam…” In Space Jam we were introduced to female b-ball sensation, Lola. Bugs took one look at her and was immediately smitten. Lola, at first, did not return this affection. By the end of the film (and Michael’s triumphant return to basketball), Lola had changed her mind about Bugs. They were as ‘together’ as two kids cartoon characters can be. Later iterations of Lola have had her shown as less independent and athletic and more, well, dimwitted and bubbly. We’re down with this first, 90s version of Lola and hope she makes a reappearance in Space Jam 2. We’d also like to see these two parenting their own nest of bunnies together. We see lots of cartoon arguments breaking out since Lola would definitely be a working woman and Bugs would be on outrageous adventures with Daffy and Porky. Talk about balance issues!

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