New Owlet Band Monitor Will Ease The Minds Of Expectant Mothers

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When you’re an expectant mother, there is so much to think about. You’re constantly worrying about a host of things from the difficulty of labor to will the baby have your nose. But the thoughts that keep most expectant moms up at night is whether or not the baby is healthy. And while regular doctor’s visits and tests are fine, some people need extra security. Enter Owlet and their new band monitor. Much like the fetal heart monitor you see at doctor’s offices and hospitals, this band is made for home use. Which means that you can keep track of your baby between visits.

Now, moms can track fetal heart rate, record heartbeats and there’s even a kick counter. The Owlet band, which made its debut at CES 2019, is great for keeping up with your baby in utero. Consisting of a stretchable fabric band with special sensors that grow with your bump. And then it sends all the information to your smartphone. So you can always be aware of what’s happening. If you notice anything out of the norm, you will be able to take necessary steps. For any expectant mother, this will be a life saver. And especially so for those with high risk pregnancies who need to be more attune with their bodies.

A press release about the product from Owlet notes:

“Doctors have been wanting a technology to capture accurate readings at home in order to really find out what is happening inside the womb,” said Robert M. Silver, MD, renowned stillbirth researcher and Chair of the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at the University of Utah.

Another cool tracking feature is the maternal sleep indicator. Not that we need to know how poorly we’re sleeping, but it’s good to be aware if we can make our sleep better. Additionally, when it’s time, The Owlet band will also track your contractions!  No need for stopwatches or any other apps!

Some may argue that a band like this is extreme. But for expectant parents, especially first time parents, tech like this often brings peace of mind. When we can see proof that our babies are growing and thriving, focusing on things like whose nose they have seem less trivial.

“The concern is that we’re going to take the humanity out of parenting … but I think it’s making us better parents,” claims Jordan Monroe, co-founder of Owlet.

While the product won’t be available for purchase until later in 2019, you can visit the Owlet site to sign up for the beta program.