18 Characters From The ’90s We’d Like To See As Parents

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Morris Tibbs

Image: Instagram/ @adorkableprincess

Morris was the next door neighbor that also attended Piedmont High with TJ, Marcus, and Yvette. While TJ was the titular Smart Guy, he lacked in some basic maturity that nothing but years can bring. Despite his easygoing nature, Morris was exactly the opposite. His story lines included finding his birth mom, utilizing his amazing chef skills in the kitchen, and irritating Floyd. Morrris also had a thing for Yvette. It was always a one sided crush, though. In the end, Yvette went off to Georgetown for college. Now, we wish we could see what happened to Morris. We hope he went to culinary school, opened his own little family restaurant where he employed Marcus, and raised a kid with his wife he met while on a culinary tour of Asia. Specific? Maybe, but we’ve thought about this.

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