7 Disney Characters Who Are More Obnoxious To Deal With Than Toddlers

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4. Dory

dory swimming(via)

The amount of time a toddler can stay tuned into a request like “let’s put your books away” or “let’s try not hitting your sister with a puzzle board for a while” is miniscule, but it still dwarfs the amount of time before Dory forgets about her quest to figure out what happened to Nemo. And at least the toddler isn’t speaking whale the whole time.

5. Pumbaa

pumbaa farting(via)

Pumbaa is probably stinkier than even the worst diaper blowout, judging by his ability to spontaneously wilt the surrounding vegetation. Still, I do not recommend standing downwind from your toddler if it’s avoidable.

6. Abu

abu stealing melon(via)

Toddlers are inherently covetous creatures, but they could learn a lot from Abu, who has never met someone else’s meal/jewelry/magic carpet he didn’t want. At least toddlers don’t have a prehensile tail.

7. Stitch

stitch destroying room(via)

Few things can match a toddler’s knack for sheer destruction (or drool), but Stitch can bring it and then some. Also, much like a toddler, he’s cute, and thus eminently forgivable for the damage that ensues–which makes him even more difficult to deal with.

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