53-Year-Old Grandmother Shocked To Discover She Was Pregnant

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While most middle-aged women are going through menopause, 53-year-old grandmother Debbie Hughes was having a baby. Before you (a) judge or (b) insist it’s a woman’s right to give birth whenever she damn well pleases, know this wasn’t planned. In fact, Hughes was on the birth control pill when she got pregnant. And she was totally shocked by the discovery!

It all started when Hughes began putting on weight. The British mom of two (Mark, 26, and Brandon, 11) paid a visit to her doctor, who broke the news that she was five months pregnant.

“I didn’t think it was possible,” said Hughes. “Not at my age, not at all.”

She has since given birth to a healthy baby boy, Kyle, who is seven months old. Hugh is also a grandmother to two girls – both of whom are older than their 7-month-old uncle. (You follow?)

The most astounding part of this whole story, if you ask me, is that Hughes’ age is a non-issue when it comes to energy levels. “I don’t feel any different than I did when I was younger. You’re just as tired as when you’re 20-something as when you’re 50-something,” she said.

But in all seriousness, it is pretty remarkable that she had a problem-free pregnancy with a completely healthy baby at age 53 – and that she even got pregnant in the first place.

“Falling pregnant at this age without any form of fertility treatment and for the baby to be born healthy and well is remarkable, said Mark Sedler, a consultant gynaecologist at CARE Fertility. “The odds are about the same as winning the lottery.”