9 Completely Nonsensical ‘Reasons’ Pregnant Women Have Been Fired

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Pregnant and fired. It’s no secret that getting knocked up in the US of A can cost you your job. Why else are women terrified to tell their employers and cowering behind extremely loose-fitting turtlenecks? You’d rather have half the office think you’re putting on weight than happily announce among all cubicles that you’re pregnant. Might as well erect a big banner across your desk (if you have one) that says “JOB OPENING COMING SOON!”

You’re not even showing and employers have already kindly directed you to the notorious “mommy track.” And while women of a certain privilege can pour themselves an organic smoothie and chat about “work-life balance,” women of other economic shades are just trying to work.

Sure, some ladies get fired for being so brazen as to get with child while working for a religious organization (big no no). But for others who work retail jobs and need to refrain from heavy lifting or maybe can’t pluck as many vegetables with a tummy, getting pregnant is the quickest way to lose their job security.

Federal and state laws maintain that discriminating against pregnant women in the workplace is illegal. But just have a gander at the employers who tried — and the infuriating reasons they gave.