5 Things To Keep In Mind When Your Daughter Asks For A Bikini This Summer


It’s getting on summer time and with Memorial Weekend rapidly approaching, perhaps you have already purchased your daughter’s swimsuit for the season. Maybe you gave  into her first bikini long ago or this is her first year getting one. But regardless of what your little girl will be wearing to the beach this summer, bear in mind that bikinis for girls still appear to be controversial.

While there’s nothing too controversial about a toddler in a tankini, the American cultural circus that is the sexualization of girls has many mothers and fathers raising a few eyebrows at some of what is being marketed towards their tween — and rightly so. While a little girl’s exposed tummy isn’t very salacious in my estimation, attempts to emphasis other more sexual parts of her body is absolutely something parents should be on the look out for this season.

So whether you’re staunchly anti-bikini, somewhere in the middle, or are in line to buy your kid a thong, here some things every modern should know.

(photo: Poznyakov/ Shutterstock)

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