16-Year-Old’s Birthday Party Crashed By 1,500 Guests Thanks To Careless Facebook-ing

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Another reason to be ever mindful of those Facebook privacy settings, mommies. A 16-year-old girl in Hamburg, Germany posted her 16th birthday party invite on Facebook as many of the kids do nowadays. She logged on to discover that thousands of people at RSVPed because she had accidentally made the event “public.”

She cancelled the party but according to Livescience, 1,500 guests showed up anyway. Her parents alerted the police who set up blockade but the party guests were dedicated. Some brought signs bearing her name and reportedly sang to her and chanted her name. There were six arrests and a few injuries, but while it’s definitely easy to critique social media for such an occurrence, parents should place more emphasis on privacy settings. Younger and younger users will be joining Facebook and while it’s obvious that they can’t be stopped, efforts to protect them and make them aware of what they’re broadcasting are becoming increasingly important.

A 16-year-old may be prone to carelessness, but stressing the importance of privacy settings with social media savvy kids will definitely be the determining component in keeping them safe online.