10 Things Missing From The Tyler Perry Single Moms Club Trailer

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 9.19.40 AMTyler Perry has a new movie coming out all about single moms. I’m excited for this, because I love moms and single moms and I was once a single mom so this should totally be my jam. But it doesn’t seem that realistic, judging from the trailer, because as any single mom can tell you, there are quite a few things missing.  being a single mom isn;t the worst thing in the world, but it isn’t all mom friends and hot handymen and dinners out with the ex and carefully art directed chick mommy wardrobes either. And I can’t help wondering if Tyler has included any of these scenes that I experienced as a single mom.
[youtube_iframe id=”WQNOvfixtpo”]

1: The scene where your ex-partner decides they want to stop paying child support 

2: The scene where partnered moms get all sanctimommy on you 

 3: The scene where you decide if you want to buy your kid a winter coat or eat something other than ramen for the next two weeks 

4: The scene where you realize exactly how damn expensive decent daycare is 

5: The scene where you are afraid to date anyone because you assume everyone is a child molester

6: The scene where you are up all night alone dealing with a toddler with a 103 degree fever 

7: The scene where you let someone see you naked after an extremely long dry spell for the first time 

8: The scene where your mother tells you every single thing you are doing wrong 

9: The scene where you realize you are doing perfectly fine on your own 

10: The scene when you realize your kid is going to be perfectly fine 

(Image: You Tube)

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