15 Sanctimommies Sanctimommying It Up On Twitter

sanctimommy2While there are some very nauseating mommy hashtags out there to signal a sanctimommy in your midst, don’t be fooled. Not all members of the mommy police traffic in #Momz4Life. Nevertheless, you can usually find them in their natural habitat — pretty much any social media platform — broadcasting judgement about other “whore” moms who can’t afford their children and “pawn” them off on others. All the while, Sanctimommy & Co just want the world to know that while you’re out with friends having a cocktail, they are at home reading to their child and putting their baby’s needs FIRST. No sudden movements, now.

1. “Whoring Around”

whore around first tweet

2. No such thing as a legitimately broke mommy

can't afford them

3. No babysitters, nannies, or daycare ever

children equals joy

4. Childless folks just don’t know

classic breeder

5.  FYI ladies

drug addict whore

6. Guess which one I am?

girl vs woman

7. Parenting pity 

i feel sorry for ur kids

8. Just FYI y’all

mom life no drinks only babyyyyy

9. No blabbing 

momz be tired

10. Your kids are your life

no clubbing DHK

11. Do your RESEARCH

research pz

12.  No parenting vacations

school holidays DHK

13. “So-called mothers”

so called mothers

14. ZOMG

stop and talk to us

15. No pawn offs

#lovemomlife(photo: adelaide.edu.au)


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