Tween Alledgedly Steals 4.6 Million Dollar Necklace, I Want To High-Five And Then Ground Her

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jewel thiefEveryone has youthful indiscretions. Some adults have a DUI from their college days they wish they could take back, others do dumb things on the internet they’d rather forget about. Though I never smoked– not even a cigarette or had a single detention, I still managed to have a brush with the law as a teen involving a sex toy. But no matter what shenanigans you managed to get into as a kid, it’s small potatoes compared to the twelve year old who allegedly robbed a Hong Kong jewelry store of a 4.6 million dollar diamond necklace.

According to, one of the Emperor Watch and Jewelry locations was robbed on Friday afternoon. Three adults occupied the shop staff by pretending to be big spenders and asked to see items from the case. While the staff was distracted, a young girl appearing to be between the ages of 12 and 14 allegedly stole a key and took a diamond necklace from the case. She then allegedly stuffed the necklace into the pocket of her hoodie and walked out of the store. The necklace contains 117 carats worth of diamonds and is valued at 4.6 million dollars. The police are investigating the robbery and the store has since added additional security staff.

I have a million questions. But until there’s a Reddit  AMA thread called “I stole a 4.6 million dollar necklace and got away with it”, I’ll have to speculate as to why a teen and three adults would decide to do this, and lucky you, you get to theorize with me.

Maybe they are a family: Mom, Dad, older child and the tween thief and they needed the necklace to save the house or buy medicine or some other extremely sad situation and they’ve never head of Or maybe they are strangers and this girl is a real life Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman, for those of you who don’t watch Gotham)  and they got together Ocean’s Eleven style to pull this off. Or perhaps they are all bad children who never call home and decided to get a jump on their Mother’s Day shopping, because getting gifts is mom’s love language.

I know that stealing is wrong. I do. And I am the parent that will make their child return the pack gum they swipe from the drugstore, should that day come. But still, there’s something so brazen about stealing something of this magnitude that makes me admire this girl’s confidence just a little bit. If she was my child, I’d want to ground her, but also give her a high five for stealing almost five million dollars and jewels before strutting out of the place like Beyonce. I could barely get up the courage to talk to a boy when I was that age, let alone swipe a pack of earrings from Claire’s. Shes’ not the girl you want your own daughter sharing a BFF necklace with, but she is the friend you wish you had had yourself back in high school to teach you how to be brave.

My tip to the Hong Kong police is this: if you want to find the pint-sized perpetrator, don’t bother with fencing operations or pawn shops. I’d be hitting any upcoming Spring Fling dances and proms, looking for the one girl who’s look is fiercer than all the rest.

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