Ricin-Laced Letters Sent To President Obama Came Courtesy Of A Pregnant Mother Of Five

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Shannon Guess Richardson Pregnant Mother Sent Ricin Letters Nathaniel Richardson was implicated in sending ricin-tainted letters to President Barack Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg last month. It turns out that he was not the one who sent the letters – his pregnant estranged wife was. Shannon Guess Richardson has been arrested in sending the poison-laced letters, and there is speculation that she may have done this to implicate her husband who had recently filed for divorce from her. Not to be all pregnant-lady judgey, but aren’t there better things to be doing with your time when you are pregnant and due in October? From The Washington Post:

Shannon Guess Richardson, 35, appeared in a Texarkana courtroom after being charged with mailing a threatening communication to the president. The federal charge carries up to 10 years in prison, U.S. attorney’s office spokeswoman Davilyn Walston said.

Richardson, a mother of five who has played bit roles in television shows, was arrested earlier Friday for allegedly mailing the ricin-laced letters last month to the White House, Bloomberg and the mayor’s Washington gun-control group. The letters threatened violence against gun-control advocates, authorities said.


She has five other children, ranging in ages from four to 19. Four of them where living with her in her New Boston home. I can’t even understand so many things about this story! First of all, who does something like this? Much less someone who has kids at home and is expecting a baby? I can’t even imagine having access to something like ricin, which can cause respiratory failure if inhaled, and can cause death if ingested. Especially if you have kids in your house! Or humans! My kids are older but even I am super paranoid about household cleaning products and insect repellent and I keep them out of reach of my kids. Which I know is just paranoid and me being overly cautious but still. I know pregnant woman do all sort of things like run marathons and climb mountains and stuff, but I guess I always assumed that carrying out terroristic threats against elected officials was sort of something ladies in a delicate condition did not do.

According to the IMDB page for Richardson:

She Plays The Flute!

Shannon has 2 tattoos. She has a tribal design on her lower back and butterflies on her stomach.

Writes travel articles and enjoys traveling.

Holds a paralegal degree.

Roles she has played include a wedding guest, parent, crazed customer, lawyer and zombie.

She is being held at the federal courthouse in Texarkana, Texas.

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