Your Teen Wants A Tattoo? Talk Them Into The Kind That’s Easier To Remove

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When I was 15, one of my closest friends in high school got her first tattoo. I remember going to the girls’ bathroom with her as she peeled back the layers of sweatshirt and denim to show me the sun on her lower back. It was bigger than she had described on the phone but my first thought as I saw it perched above her floral undies was, “has your mom seen it?” If you’re anything like her mom, the first thing that will run through your mind at seeing your teen’s beloved tattoo is how to get rid of it. Livescience reports via a tattoo ink company that 25% of Americans over 18 have a tattoo, and an additional 25% are thinking about getting one. Lucky for the not so tattoo-enthused parents, the increase in tattoos means that there is also an increasing demand for tattoo removal.

Allen Falkner, owner of Fade Fast Laser Tattoo Removal, told Livescience:

It’s likely that more medical professionals will be trained in laser removal in the upcoming years, as tattoo removal is expected to rise…Tattooing is still a growing industry and tattoo removal will most likely see a similar growth pattern.

Aside from the standard tattoo removal procedure which is known to be painful, extended, and about 10 to 20 times more expensive than the original tattoo, a form of ink is now available that is easier to remove: Infinitink. This new type of ink is considerably easier to remove but without appearing less permanent.

Freedom2, the company that owns Infinitink, boasts on it’s website that:

An Infinitink tattoo is just as permanent as any other, but it can be removed with minimal lasering…It’s there forever, unless you change your mind.

Perhaps something worth mentioning to your teen as they slink out the door.