18-Year-Old Frankie Cocozza Had Sex With 67 Girls, Boasts Father

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Frankie Cocozza, the X Factor hopeful best known for inking the names of his female “conquests” onto his bum, is quite the ladies man. Or so says his dad (also named Frankie). Forty-five-year-old Frankie Senior says that his 18-year-old son has slept with 67 girls – a feat that makes him mighty proud.

“I think he is on number 67. I’d say my number is 30 or 40 but it might be more,” he tells The People.

Um, okay, really – there is so much wrong with this picture. First of all, there’s an unspoken rule that you don’t discuss your child’s sex life in public. I mean, that’s just weird. Second, Frankie Junior is 18 years old. I’m sure there are countless teens who’ve had way more sexual encounters than him, but still. Is this something we want to be publicizing to the world? And, finally, I can’t help but wonder what the news reports would be like if Frankie Cocozza were a girl; dare I say that the world “slut” would be thrown around like mad?

According to The People, the younger Frankie lost his virginity when he was 12 years old. His dad reveals that he used to have one-night stands with a different girl every night. Classy.

Frankie can sleep with as many women girls as he so desires. What’s beyond disturbing is his dad showing off about it and comparing his son’s sex life to his own. Talk about a washed-up wannabe… Oh, and a lousy role model. I can only hope that he’s at least had the ‘safe sex‘ talk with his little stud.