World’s Luckiest Woman Comes Home to Find Pole-Dancing Koala in House

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Living in Australia seems like really rolling the dice when it comes to encountering wildlife. On the one hand, you could be like the woman who found an enormous, venomous snake full of 14 baby venomous snakes living under her refrigerator. On the other hand, you could be like Nikki Erickson of South East Queensland, Australia, who came home one day to find a fluffy, adorable koala pole dancing in her living room.

Erickson has a pole installed in her house, but when she came home one day to use it, she found it was occupied. A charming little gray koala had gotten into her house, and was very intrigued by the shiny tree in the middle of the room. While Erickson took some cute pictures, the koala tried to shimmy up the pole, then slid back down, spun around, and basically looked like it was having a grand old time.

Erickson said the “pole-dancing koala” definitely made the day of all the nice ladies working at the Daisy Hill Koala Conservation Rescue, who came out to extricate the koala from Erickson’s house. (I’m always a little amazed by how many “We will get wild animals out of your house” businesses and services there are in Australia.)

“They made sure she was ok and in good condition, then released her,” Erickson said. “They sent me an email the following day to let me know.”

The pole-dancing koala was nicknamed “Larissa,” and Larissa made a great Christmas card for the Daisy Hill Koala Conservation Rescue. Man, how come I never come home to find teddy bears dancing in my house? All I ever get are spiders.