Nickelodeon Cartoon Introduces Network’s First-Ever Married Gay Couple Like It’s No Big Deal

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Not long ago Nickelodeon thrilled fans and made history with The Legend of Korra, when the titular heroine and another young woman became a romantic couple at the end of the show. A lot of people were thrilled.

“Hopefully it will open the door to more LGBT relationships in childrens programming,” commenter Ursi said at the time. And now it looks like it has, because Nickelodeon just introduced a legally married interracial gay couple with a kid on The Loud House.

According to Variety, the new couple was introduced in an episode called “Overnight Success,” when Clyde McBride, one of the show’s main characters, is dropped off at the Loud house by his dads, Harold and Howard McBride.

Clyde’s dads are voiced by comedians Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald, which means that if they do not have a musical number together at some point in the near future, I am going to be very put out.

The introduction of the McBrides is played off as no big deal, and it’s not the point of the episode or anything. The episode is all about regular slumber party shenanigans, and Clyde’s overprotective parents are dispensed with as quickly as any parents would be under the circumstances.

Well, the characters treat the fact that Clyde has two dads as totally ordinary and no big deal, but the show winks to the audience before their introduction. “Time to make history!” Lincoln Loud shouts before opening the door on Clyde and his dads. Ostensibly he’s talking about the sleepover, but we all know it’s a wink and a nod to the viewers at home who are just thrilled to see more LGBT families in children’s programming.