Two Generations Of Leap Year Babies  How Cool Is That?

leap year birthdayI thought it was pretty cool that my close friend shares a birthday with both her firstborn and her mother-in-law. But that’s nothing compared to Michelle Birnbaum and her 4-year-old daughter Rose. Both have Leap Year birthdays, meaning they were born on February 29. The odds of that happening are 2 million-to-1!

“It was just luck. All the stars lined up at the right time,” Michelle, 32, told the New York Post. The pair will no doubt be celebrating in a special way. In fact, this is only the eighth time Michelle gets to celebrate on her “real” birthday (Leap Year babies usually celebrate on February 28 or March 1).

The advantage, Michelle points out, is that everyone remembers Leap Year birthdays even strangers. “The checkout lady at the market was always saying ‘Happy birthday,’ ” she recalls. It’s just that memorable. And rare. Which is why it’s so incredible that a mother-daughter pair would share such a unique birthday.

The odds of a mom and child sharing Leap Day birthdays are 1 in 2.1 million, according to Tufts University professor James Ennis.


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