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This Toddler Mom’s Wino Parody of Those Milk Bath Photos Is Serious #Goals

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Let’s be honest. Being a mom is HARD. Especially being mom to a toddler. We all have our ways to cope, and it has become a bit of an in joke among moms that wine is the go-to. So, it’s no surprise that one photographer mom would take the joke to a new level. Brittney Nicole Studer is a wedding photographer, but she’s also a mom with a sense of humor. Recently, a photo has been making the rounds, (especially in photography circles) of an expecting mother who is wearing a dress entirely made of milk.

Yes, you read that correctly, a dress made of milk. After witnessing several conversations about this photo, Studer decided to do her own version of the photo by using her favorite mom device, wine.

Brit Nicole Photography

Brit Nicole Photography

Studer is mom to an 18 month old, so she knows the struggle that moms of toddlers go through. She thought that it would be funny to have her own take on the milk bath photo with something appealing to mom, especially moms of young ones. “While everyone is obsessing over milk baths, I’m obsessing over nap time,” she explained on her website, where she shared several of the photos. “Those magical moments when your baby is asleep and you finally have time to just do whatever you want. Can I get an Amen! While babies need milk baths to renew their skin, Mommas need wine baths to renew their souls.”

Even though Studer chose to pose with a nice Beringer red (the only wine she had on hand), she did not actually pour the wine into the tub. I mean, why would you waste a perfectly good bottle of wine by sitting in it right? “One day last week my husband walked in the door and I said, ‘Okay…I have this idea, and you’re going to have to roll with it. No questions asked,” she explained. “I put the baby down for his much-needed nap (teething is HARD). I went and grabbed the only wine we had in the house, put my make-up on, threw flowers in my hair that we had from a session a few days before, and grabbed my son’s Elmo bath colors.” Studer explained in an interview.

Well, not matter how she did it, we totally love it. And next time we need to take some time for ourselves to relax, we may just follow her lead…a nice soothing bath (maybe with a Lush bath bomb) and a nice bottle of wine; flower crown optional.