3-Year-Old Aspiring Firefighter Helped His Heroes Save a Family From a Fire

(Twitter / Laura Caso)

A three-year-old Virginia boy is being called a hero after he spotted a house fire and alerted his mom to call 911. Kenneth Hunter and his mom, Sierra Morris, had just pulled up to daycare when the little boy noticed the smoke. The best part? The boy was dressed like a firefighter.

”I was just getting the kids out of the car and Kenneth said ‘no, Mommy I see smoke,’ and he pointed up the garage and he said ‘call 911,’” Morris said. ”A teenager stuck his head out of the window and said ‘I can’t breath and my family is asleep.’”

After calling 911, Morris and her pint-sized hero ran over to the house, where they helped the teen jump out of the window. The teenager broke his ankle and was taken to the hospital, but is otherwise fine. The rest of his family, including dogs, cats, and pigs, were able to escape the house uninjured. Fire crews quickly arrived on the scene and were able to contain the fire to just the garage.

“The house was on fire. The garage was on fire.” Little Kenneth told reporters. “I’m a firefighter. It’s just my job.” My own three-year-old thinks his job is leaving sandwich crusts all around the house, which isn’t exactly a career that will save anyone’s life.

Kenneth obviously isn’t old enough to actually be a firefighter, but he plans to become one. His older brother is a firefighter in a nearby town, and Kenneth wants to be just like him. This life-saving incident will definitely look good on his resume.

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