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8 Tips To Make Flying With A Baby Less Horrifying

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5. Pack antibacterial wipes. A recent study showed germs can survive up to eight days in the airplane seat pocket, up to seven days on airplane armrests, and up to three days on the plastic window shades and tray tables. Don’t worry about getting the side eye from your fellow travelers, wipe down everything. 

6. Consider your seat selection carefully. Peering out from a window seat may provide a good distraction for your baby, but  if you anticipate having to change diapers, an aisle seat may be a better choice. If you are flying with two lap infants, know that the the number of available oxygen masks in a row of three seats is usually 4 masks. So if sitting together is important to you, you’ll have to buy the third seat.

7. Get comfortable. Toys are obviously a great idea to keep babies busy on a plane, but you can also be prepared in case you get lucky and they nap on the plane. Baby carriers aren’t allowed, but bring a blanket from home to help block the light. a pair of noise cancelling headphones works wonders for chatty neighbors and in flight announcements.

8. Protect their ears. Changes in air pressure during take off and landing can cause uncomfortable popping in the ears. For children not yet old enough to chew gum or have lollipops, sucking on a pacifier or sippy cup can help relieve the pressure.



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