Tina Fey To 6-Year-Old Daughter: ‘An Erection Is A Building’

Is there a woman out there who doesn’t have at least a slight girl crush on Tina Fey? During an appearance on last night’s Jimmy Fallon, the 30 Rock shared a hilarious tale about 6-year-old daughter Alice.

“What’s an erection?” asked Alice when she heard the word uttered on an episode of 30 Rock.

“An erection is a building!” responded Tina.

Alice wasn’t buying it and so Fey just gave up, told her daughter she didn’t know.

I love it! Find me a mom who hasn’t been in a similar situation at some point. Just yesterday, for instance, Mommyish columnist Rebecca Eckler shared her story of what it’s like having your 8-year-old find your “massage stick” (a.k.a. vibrator). Other writers have tackled everything from “Mommy, what’s a tampon?” to “Mommy, why is your vagina black?” (that last one was me good times).

Oh, kids and their questions. These little wide-eyed wonders somehow manage to make even the most together mommies totally tongue-tied. Most moms I know, myself included, are cool talking about sex and drugs and body image with their little ones. But we all stress over whether or not we’re getting it right (as in, how much info is too much info and can you be sure you’re being age-appropriate?).

I love that Fey shared her own little anecdote with the world. Not only is it funny, it also makes moms everywhere realize they’re not alone.

Tell us what’s the most complicated/embarrassing question your child has asked you that you weren’t sure how to answer? And how did you handle it in the end? Were you as cool as our friend Tina Fey?

(Photo: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com)

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