This Toddler is Teaching Her Baby Brother Karate, and Sibling Rivalry Has Never Been so Cute

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Normally we tell our kids not to fight, but Hana Onodera and her little brother, Haru, will show us how it’s done. The two kids’ father, Makoto, filmed them doing a bit of karate, and it’s absolutely adorable.

Hana is clearly in charge here, and her little brother follows her lead, with that “excited to be included” look younger siblings get so often when their older sisters take an interest in them. A toddler doing karate is always cute, and little Haru is taking the sparring match very seriously.

Hana starts with a loud shout and a bow, which Haru returns. They both hold up their fists and bounce, and brave little Haru jumps in for the attack. Hana handily “punches” him away (there’s no actual contact going on here) and he pauses for a moment as if trying to think, “Did I get hit?” Then he decides that he did and flings himself to the ground crying, “Oooh!” as though he just took a powerful strike from a deadly foe.

They’re both so little, the way they bounce around on their little toddler legs is so cute. Hana’s face is wonderfully serious, and little Haru is adorably committed to his role of diving to the ground crying, “Oooooh!” whenever he’s “defeated.”

According to Rocket News 24, Hana and Haru have over 137,000 Twitter followers, and they’re all going pretty nuts for this video. It’s not hard to see why. One adorable child doing karate is one thing, but when two of them are doing it, it’s like a tidal wave of cute crashing over the entire Intenret.

Makoto Onodera has been putting plenty of videos of the kids on Twitter and YouTube, and they’re all cute, but most of them are actually of Hana singing, and she sings just as dramatically as she schools her little brother in karate. Hana throws a mean punch, and she also does a particularly adorable rendition of “Let it Go” (Ari No Mama De).