10 Things The Internet Has Ruined For Kids

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6. Using Books For Research


I used to love going to the library to track down books for my schoolwork. There was something about carrying home a stack of books and weeding through them that a quick Google cannot match. Of course, it’s easier now- but is easier always better?

7. Not Knowing What Your Friends Did On Weekends Until Monday

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I can remember as a teen feeling a pressure on weekends to do something fun but even on my “loser” weekends where I sat at home I had no way of knowing if my peers were having more fun than I was until the weekend was over. Now, Instragram is loaded with pictures and kids can see who is hanging out with who. And possibly, discovering they have been left out. Ah, blissful ignorance was not a bad thing.

8. Awkward Photos From The Teen Years


Why keep them when you can delete them?

9. Learning About Sex From A Person


You can now find out about sex from Google instead of your cool, older cousin or even, your parents. And who even knows what our kids will be able to see when that time comes?

10. Talking To People In Person 


I have teenage nephews and have noted their discomfort during in-person conversations. Of course, teenagers have had awkward social interactions since the dawn of time but now that the internet is here, we have entirely removed the need for talking to someone in person. I firmly believe it is doing them no favors in the social skills department.

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