10 Things Your Toddler Should Do Before They Stop Being Irresistibly Cute

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I had no idea. My daughter only has four months to be obnoxious and frustrating and still get away with it!

Scientists have proven that children stop being irresistibly cute at the age of four and a half! That’s right, if your little one is on their way to kindergarten next year, they better start to squeeze in all the adorably awful things they can.

Two years ago, I was intelligent enough to adopt two irresistible black lab puppies that needed a home. When my husband and I told our families about the newest additions to our family, my sister-in-law said, “You know why God made puppies so cute right?” “No….” I was suddenly hesitant. “So you don’t kill them in their sleep or abandon them on the side of the road.”

She wasn’t wrong.

And the truth is, little things can get away with a lot, children included. The smaller the child, the more forgiving the adult whose dealing with their craziness.

With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of severely frustrating things that my daughter better get out of her system before August. By then, she’ll have reached the magic age where doctors say I’ll stop falling for her doe eyes and angelic expression.

What other naughtiness should she get into while she’s still too cute to get mad at?