10 Things My Husband Hates to Hear Me Say, That I Still Say Anyway

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My husband and I have been married for almost 20 years, and there is no doubt that we are each other’s soul mates, if you believe in that sort of thing, but that doesn’t mean we don’t drive each other crazy. Here is a list of 10 phrases I say to my husband, on an almost daily basis, which drives him absolutely bananas. Yet, I have no doubt he still loves me. 

1. Can I ask you a question?

My husband hates this. Technically I have already asked a question.

2. Just one more thing”¦

For some unexplained reason my husband and I tend to have our best conversations as he is trying to leave for work. Unfortunately, I can’t hit the pause button. Instead, I try to keep the conversation going because we will never have as meaningful a conversation as this one.

3. Can we have a meaningful conversation?

Not only does this implies that not every conversation we have is meaningful but what a way to put pressure on us to break new ground.

4. I’m ready. I just need to go to the bathroom first.

I guess my husband is right, if I still need to use the bathroom I am not ready to leave yet. Might as well continue doing whatever you were doing before I declared I was ready to go.

5. Did you”¦ (fill in the blank)?

Every day, without fail, I try to not so subtlety remind my husband to do something by asking, ”Did you”¦” Depending on your perspective, I guess you can call this nagging.


6. Are you mad at me?

I have a bad habit of assuming if someone is in a bad mood, not talking, or just plain cranky then it must be my fault. Apparently, it usually isn’t my fault and I need to stop thinking that.

7. Let’s talk about the grocery list.

Every Sunday morning, while my husband is trying to read the newspaper, I declare it’s time to discuss what to make for dinner every night this week and write a grocery list. Yes, even I think this is painful but it beats going to the grocery store every day or looking into an empty refrigerator and wondering what to make for dinner.

8. Don’t microwave in that container!

Not every container in our house is microwave safe.  My husband doesn’t see the point of owning containers that can’t handle the microwave and wonders why I bother to store food in them.

9. (Eye roll) Look at the calendar!

If my husband wants to know our social schedule, he will often ask me. My response is always, ”Look at the calendar on the refrigerator.” Yet he will typically ask me this question when we are nowhere near the refrigerator and often when we are in the car.

10. Where are you going?

We can be watching TV, reading a book, hanging out on the porch, or lying in bed, but if my husband gets up and doesn’t announce where he is going, I will ask this question. Usually he is only going to the bathroom but, for some reason, I still feel I need to check his destination.

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