30 Things To Learn From Badass Historical Moms

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A queen makes time for even the smallest royals

Image: Instagram/ @dauphin.no12

Marie Antoinette is credited with saying, “Let them eat cake.” She never said this. You can read more about this faulty attribution here. Another woman at court did. Yet, people were hellbent on disliking the foreigner queen who had a taste for the finer things. The truth was, Marie wasn’t much interested in politics. She was a woman who gave birth in front of multitude of courtiers, married a man she’d never met, and was shocked by the french court after a religious upbringing. Marie was so constantly under scrutiny she even made herself her own village. It was a hamlet where she could escape into a quiet country life, right at court.

One thing Marie was- a dedicated mother. Is this at odds with her legacy of selfishness? Maybe. Her biographer said, “There is not a letter to Marie-Antoinette’s friends, not a letter to her brothers, which does not abound in details of the health and a thousand incidents in the life of her dear little ones. She goes to see them at every hour of the day and night.”

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