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These Lisa Frank Makeup Brushes Are for Us, Not the Kids

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(Glamour Dolls Makeup)

I do not care what 90s stuff the kids are into these days; the kids had better keep their youthful paws off these Lisa Frank makeup, because these are mine, all mine.

As part of a collaboration with Glamour Dolls makeup, Lisa Frank has authorized the production of a brush that would have thrilled me at 9, but not as much as it thrills me today. (I had no sense of kitsch or nostalgia at 9. Those are acquired tastes.) And at $4.99 it costs less than a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper ever did. The brush has pink-tipped bristles and unicorns on the handle, and it is only the first piece in what will eventually be a much more comprehensive collection.

Glamour Dolls’ Lisa Frank makeup will include eyeliner, a makeup bag, highlighter powder, and lipstick. One of the lipsticks is reportedly called “Meowter Space,” it’s mauve and probably sparkly and they called it a “unicorn lippie,” which makes me wonder if a unicorn-horn element might be involved in the shape somehow. That would be very exciting, but I’m going to be honest, I’ll buy it because it is called “Meowter Space,” and that would not be the first time I’ve ever bought a makeup product because of the name.

The first part of the Lisa Frank makeup collection is an angled blush brush available now for preorder–the angled shape is ideal for applying powder blush, highlighter, and contour. If you are using a big poofy brush to apply powder, just try this smaller, angled shape and see if it you don’t like it much, much better. I already have an angled blush brush, but that one doesn’t have pink bristles or unicorns on it, so clearly this is much better.

The Lisa Frank stuff we all used and obsessed over as small children were designed for kids, but this stuff will not be play makeup. It’s designed for the grown-ups, or at least people who want grown-up quality makeup, just with unicorns and space cats on the packaging.