These Harry Potter-Theme Newborn Photos Are So Cute Your Ovaries Will Shout, ‘Accio Baby’

(Photo: Facebook/Lune de la Rogue Photography)

There’s no superfan like a Harry Potter superfan, and Katherine and Jesse Oldfield certainly count. When the couple had their first baby, Sebastian, they celebrated by dressing him up like Harry Potter for a cool photoshoot in a graveyard. (Katherine and Jesse already had props and costumes around from their own Harry Potter-themed Halloween exploits.)

Then when they had a second baby, Theodore, they had an even cuter idea, and they and photographer Kelsey Clouse of Lune de la Rogue Photography in White City, Ore., turned the baby into a crying Mandrake plant to reenact the scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where Harry encounters the very loud, baby-shaped plants at Hogwarts.

According to US, Theodore was only four days old when the shoot took place. His parents  made him a little green hat covered with greenery and stuck him in a nice big pot full of moss. He was pretty chill through most of it and seems mostly content and bemused in the making-of photos on US, but the Mandrakes in Harry Potter are loud, so the photo required that Theodore be crying. He obliged as soon as his dad tried to take him out of the pot, and they got their cute picture.

2-year-old Sebastian looks sort of like he’d like to be keeping those noise-cancelling headphones on forever.

”We have not yet read Harry Potter to our kids, but once they get a little older, we will definitely begin the series,” Jesse said in an interview with Us. ”Household rule: They are not allowed to watch the movies until they read the books first!”

Oof! Those kids are going to have to get old enough for the books quickly, so they’ll be able to see what all the fuss is about.

(Photos: Lune de la Rogue Photography)

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